About AVC

American Vinyl Consultants is a vinyl repair and restoration team that specializes in the repair of bounce houses, tents, boat liners, and more using professional heavy duty sewing and industrial sewing techniques. Whether you require a major or minor repair, American Vinyl Consultants can solve your problem using top-quality techniques at an affordable price. We are ready and waiting to work on your inflatable/vinyl products at our professional facility in Addison, Illinois.

Wear and tear is a given in the world of inflatables, and using AVC's cleaning and restoration services is the most cost-effective way of preserving your equipment.

American Vinyl can handle all of your bounce house needs -- from repairing blown baffles to patching holes. We offer customization and alterations to any size unit. Need a window on your unit replaced? We've got you covered!

For minor repairs, check out our series on DIY bounce house repairs on YouTube and Facebook!

Why Use AVC?

At American Vinyl Consultants, we know that fully operational equipment is your key to success, but we also understand that your equipment has to be safe. That's why our professionally trained staff uses the safest techniques in inflatable and vinyl repair and the newest and safest technology in vinyl cleaning and protection.

We will help you maintain your inflatable/vinyl equipment so that you can optimize the life of your equipment - and maximize your investment. We specialize in tent repair, heavy duty vinyl repair, commercial upholstery repair, and inflatable repair in and around Chicago!

American Vinyl Consultants will repair your item while saving you time and money.

If you have a damaged bounce house or inflatable unit and need it repaired professionally in or around Chicago, contact American Vinyl Consultants today!